Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Wishes to You and Yours.....

An Elf display -  the soldered house cloche by Auntie Joy
.... For this holiday season I truly wish for each home to be filled with all the love and laughter that can only brought by you, your friends and family.  No Santa required.

For me there is no better gift to be had in this world.  Without love, all else is meaningless!  But with love, all is possible and life is truly extraordinary!!

And since I'm on the subject of gifts, I wish to thank all of you who have supported me this year.  I really do mean it.  Your patronage and support is a gift that I am deeply grateful for.  You've inspired me and kept me quite busy!!  ... which also explains why I've submitted only a few posts or kept up with new gallery photos this year.

May all your wishes come true this Christmas and I'll talk to you soon... in the New Year, 2013!

One of my "Christmas Snowman and Crow" ornaments from a favorite vintage postcard 


  1. Such a pretty blog and such a pretty post. Wishing you the very best of holidays as well!

  2. Lovely decors. Soon be sharing you my Easter design of my Farm to Market office:)