Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's at 2nd Saturdayz

I had a blast at the show Saturday!  Got a chance to catch up on all the latest from some of my fellow cohorts at 2nd Saturdayz. 

Here's La La Laurie,  Ormolulu and Sheryl Althauser (who makes the most wonderful jumper aprons!)

 Loads of fun to see old and new friends!  I know this is gushy but I have to say, yet again, ... it is Valentine's after all .... that I count myself truly fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by such kind and supportive women as all these wonderful, talented kindred souls!  This is especially true of my customers.  Thank-you and I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.... remember that the point of the day is to recognize all those we love.  Don't forget to tell them!  

Love IS what our whole lives are about.  
We are here to learn to recognize and love ourselves so that we can then love those around us.  
LOVE is truly the only gift you have to give. 
 Love is all you should offer.  
Love is all that you should show.  
Love is All.

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  1. I LOVE Elizabeth and "Fussbuckets" . . . you are a true gem!!! xoxo