Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Quiet Reflective Winter Season

     I am very happy to say good-bye to the old year!  2013 seems to have been a difficult year for most of us and I was no exception.  However, despite the many set backs I've had through the year I always had the support and encouragement of my friends and customers.  So, of course, I was happiest when I was able to retreat into my studio and create.

    I welcome 2014 but it will be a slow beginning for me.  The start of this new year  finds me spending time in physical therapy and away from my studio.  But not spirit ..... As I spend this winter trying to heal,  I am also using this time to contemplate new ideas... and in fact, I'm gathering inspiration to change directions in my creations from soldering and simple brazing work to honing my metal smithing and torch skills.   I will keep you posted......

Friday, March 8, 2013

Transition is Good...

Thank-you for visiting and viewing my blog.  I hope you enjoy your time browsing my site and Gallery.  As much as I've enjoyed building my blog, I have come to realize that I don't need to put words to my creations so I have decided to transition to FaceBook.  This will allow me to send out photos of my latest creations as they come out of my studio.  This, in turn will provide an immediate and timely viewing to all my Friends and customers.

If you would like to keep up with my latest creations, then please, I encourage you to check out Fussbucket's World on Facebook.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Wishes to You and Yours.....

An Elf display -  the soldered house cloche by Auntie Joy
.... For this holiday season I truly wish for each home to be filled with all the love and laughter that can only brought by you, your friends and family.  No Santa required.

For me there is no better gift to be had in this world.  Without love, all else is meaningless!  But with love, all is possible and life is truly extraordinary!!

And since I'm on the subject of gifts, I wish to thank all of you who have supported me this year.  I really do mean it.  Your patronage and support is a gift that I am deeply grateful for.  You've inspired me and kept me quite busy!!  ... which also explains why I've submitted only a few posts or kept up with new gallery photos this year.

May all your wishes come true this Christmas and I'll talk to you soon... in the New Year, 2013!

One of my "Christmas Snowman and Crow" ornaments from a favorite vintage postcard 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Very Vintage Market for Halloween....

Hello, Friends!!!

Please join me Saturday, October 27th for A Very Vintage Market, hosted by the Groovy Girlfriends.  This is a new venue for me but it is a great local vintage market of vintage repurposed and recycled design by local artists and antiques and collectibles dealers.  Definitely not the "same-ol-same-ol" stuff. 

I can't believe that we are only weeks away from Halloween!  I've always adored this festive holiday.  So, for me this also means that the holiday season is upon us.  For this reason, I will be bringing a huge number of vintage and repurposed creations that I've made to this upcoming show.  These include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, as well as other vintage holiday items that will be perfect for gift giving as well as for those of you who are collectors.  Of course, I will have on hand some of my more recognizable items and jewelry.  This will be my last show of the year!!!  So please make plans to stop by to see new vendors and stop by my tables to say Hi.  It will be a perfect way to help me celebrate my birthday but more importantly, I am sure you'll find a treasure....  

So here are the details:

Date:         October 27th
Time:       9am - 4pm
Where:         Lake City Community Center
Location: 12531 - 28th Ave NE Seattle

FREE Admission
FREE Parking

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Girls are all here!!!

The Belles of Paris
 Come join us at the Ruffles & Rust Pop-Up Market this Saturday, August 18th.  It's a true old fashioned flea market with 50 vendors... including me.  The show starts runs from 9am to 4pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 24323 Bothell-Everett Hwy, just north of old downtown Bothell.  
Winged Cherubs with Heart

As you might remember I told you I did a major spring clearing this year.  Well the first collection of items resulted in all those bird decorative objects d'art; then in July my friends and I successfully utilized all the vintage Christmas items I had collected from the second grouping.
Just a little haute'

Sole Sisters
The last remaining collection contained vintage dolls or doll parts of either bisque or porcelain.  Recreating them with old lighting fixtures, antique children shoes, lace, etc.  became a project of love.  Such fun and as you can see, I couldn't resist adding my little "fuss bucket" touch!

"We" hope to see you Saturday!!
A Babe in a Shoe

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christmas in July

We had a mad and crazy long week-end on the coast in the most comfy vacation home imaginable... courtesy of our hostess, a friend and one of my cohorts for our Christmas in July crafting holiday.  I brought all of my "leftover" stuff of old vintage finds, bottle brush trees, mercury glass ornaments and garlands... and heaven knows what all! (You know how it is, you get to the point where there's so much you catch yourself calling it "junk". Oh no!!! ) Anyway,  I then went thrift store hopping to find a variety of clear glass vessels... hopefully with pedestals or candleholders to serve as stands.  Our first objective was to convert all of the loose old Christmas decor into vignettes and Christmas scenes.  

If you find yourself with tons of odd and end Christmas decorations, etc. then you should definitely try this.  It was amazing what the five of us created!   Personally, it was all too much for me to face alone and I took advantage of my friends... who are all great paper collage artists.  (Some of whom teach at IMPRESS Rubber Stamps  You ought to check out their classes!)  They were able to take all my miss-matched stuff and create beautiful Christmas scenes... you know the kind... the ones that have a touch of magic!  

 Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of all of our completed collaged vintage books.  I only have 2 samples below.   These are great little Christmas gift items.  One can easily convert a treasured family photo from a past Christmas or winter vacation and use it as the backdrop for a 3 dimensional vignette.  Try it!!  I also neglected to take pictures of all the soldered Christmas ornaments everyone created.  I was definitely enjoying myself but I have to admit that I'm exhausted and need another vacation to recoup!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A little Art Faire fun....

Common Folk Co.'s little "Art in the Street" Faire on Saturday turned out to be a lovely affair, despite the occasional  moments of rain and sun breaks.  It didn't seem to deter anyone from coming to check out the wares of the featured local artists that  CF brought together.  For myself, I had loads of fun and enjoyed  meeting new folks and artists.

I am especially excited to have met Zoe, a true kindred spirit.  I can't wait to spend time creating art together.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Please mark your calendars and bring your friends to this great little street art faire!  COMMON FOLK CO will be hosting many local craft artist, some of whom have been featured in their shop.   I am so excited to participate, and I hope to see you there!

So come to meet some of your favorite artists and check out all the new creations we've handcrafted....  I'm sure you'll find much to treasure!

The show will be held at Common Folk Co. on June 30, 2012 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  For any of you who've not yet experienced Common Folk and need directions to their shop, please go to their Facebook page.    

Monday, June 4, 2012

Timing is everything....

Latest version:  each with affirmation on back

 Like so many of you, at this time of the year I've been spending a lot of time in my garden.  Well, you can see from this photo of my latest versions of my watch necklaces that I've not neglected my studio time.  But back to the garden:

In early February I undertook a huge project to uproot my herb garden and move it where the plantings would receive more warmth and sun... a very scarce commodity in my wooded Northwest landscape.  The work was back-breaking and, as it turned out, commissioned while hailing and snowing throughout the day.  
A collection of crystal flowers I made for the garden.

That early February inspiration and work has truly blossomed into not only of a lovely, thriving herb bed, but additional beds of blooming perennials and shrubs selected solely for the purpose to delight and feed the bees, birds, hummingbirds and butterflies.  I have been awed at how quickly nature responded.  We have more hummingbirds and bees in the garden than I've ever seen and just the other day a pair of huge Western Tiger Swallowtails visited to feed on our phlox!  Of all the years we've lived here, I think I've only ever seen one late in the summer season on its migration south.  I can't help but be excited and happy!
This season's young visiting one of the perennial beds

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring gardening and flea markets

 It was a bright full moon here in the Pacific NW... and the first warm night of the year.  What a perfect gift for this Easter weekend.  Spring is definitely here!

I've had the spring fever "bug" for at least a month now.  Once I completed my indoor "spring clearing" I then moved out-of-doors.  I have spent much of the last month out in the garden attending all the usual late winter to early spring gardening chores.  Finally, I am rewarded with the first few crocuses and daffodils just opening.  They bear witness that spring here in the Cascade foothills is truly beginning to arrive.

The Vasa Park Flea Market this spring is scheduled for Saturday, April 21st from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  I truly enjoy participating in this little neighborhood flea market.  It affords me an opportunity to redistribute some found treasures and decoratives.  Of course, I'll also bring along a few of my creations.  So if you get a chance and wish to take a lovely drive along west Lake Sammamish, please stop by... it will be wonderful to see you!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's at 2nd Saturdayz

I had a blast at the show Saturday!  Got a chance to catch up on all the latest from some of my fellow cohorts at 2nd Saturdayz. 

Here's La La Laurie,  Ormolulu and Sheryl Althauser (who makes the most wonderful jumper aprons!)

 Loads of fun to see old and new friends!  I know this is gushy but I have to say, yet again, ... it is Valentine's after all .... that I count myself truly fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by such kind and supportive women as all these wonderful, talented kindred souls!  This is especially true of my customers.  Thank-you and I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.... remember that the point of the day is to recognize all those we love.  Don't forget to tell them!  

Love IS what our whole lives are about.  
We are here to learn to recognize and love ourselves so that we can then love those around us.  
LOVE is truly the only gift you have to give. 
 Love is all you should offer.  
Love is all that you should show.  
Love is All.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cozy & Warm...

While it was blustery and cold outside I was toasty warm in my studio... accompanied by Rose and Lily, of course.   This is a view of part of our driveway just after the first break in the snow.  Isn't it lovely?  

Snow is magical to me.  Its transformative nature inspires me.

I perform a little ritual each January.  I sort through all the stashed away papers,  receipts and whatnots to clean out the old year's litter as well as anticipate the preparation of  our annual tax return. When we lost power during the latest winter storm I was inspired to extend this ritual to all those stashed odds and ends, found and vintage objects that have been collecting in my garage/studio and house.  Once gathered, I discovered a discernible  theme, so I began creating.  

Here are a few snapshots.  Oh and please be sure to check out the new shots in my Gallery.  I've noticed that sometimes it takes a while for all the photographs to load, so please be patient.  Keep warm and safe!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

     It was quite a hustle and bustle before Christmas but one of my favorite projects was the privileged given me by Mary to create a small memorial of her parents, using a wedding photo she had tucked away for safe-keeping.  My snapshot doesn't show off all the glitter from the rhinestones within the collage or from the vintage brooch I've placed on the top corner, but it just sparkles!  It took some time but I finally found the perfect stand for it... one with a couple of silver hearts...  

Thank-you so much, Mary, for giving me the opportunity to create this.

Here are a couple of my friends (Terri, Cathy, Lisa & Patsy) hard at work... and play... to create their own soldered Christmas gifts.  Santa's elves workshop seems to have moved into my garage!!

While they were busy, I create sets of wine charms, each with a dangling rhinestone.  They turned out to be a hit this year.... well, I mean, last year.


Let me wish all of you Happy New Year!  
I hope each of you felt you could actually celebrate and welcome in the new.  I mostly wish that all of us will be able to successfully complete all of our New Year resolutions.